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New Custom Home Builds

Most first-time homeowners go through the housing market when looking for a new home to save time, effort, and money. However, there are those for whom only new custom home builds would do—which isn’t a surprise. After all, we all had an idea of an ideal home growing up, and finally getting to own one is a chance to realize such a dream home.

When you want to have a home that perfectly meets your wants and needs, look to Ozzy’s Golden Construction. With years of experience designing and building homes across South East Florida, our expert team of builders knows how to combine the latest construction trends with classic home ideas, resulting in beautiful and unique residences that don’t only look good, but are also comfortable, inviting, and durable enough to last more than a lifetime.

Custom Home Builds Done Expertly

Buying an existing house is all well and good, but most of the time, an already built house doesn’t check all the boxes. If you have specific requirements (and you have the financial means to satisfy them), it’s often better to build a new home instead.

Since custom homes are built from scratch, you’re free to tell our architects and designers what you want to have in your new home. There are no pre-existing menus or options to choose from and you can be as involved as you want every step of the way, from creating your home’s floor plan to choosing the type of wall.
Ozzy’s Golden Construction can build you a home exactly the way you want it. With custom home builds, you can:

Work with the architect or builder of your choice

Ozzy’s Golden Construction is proud to be one of South East Florida’s most reputable and productive builders. When building custom homes, we make sure that we pay attention to details and foster a friendly working relationship that encourages our clients to participate more in the decision-making process
Ozzy’s Golden Construction can build you a home exactly the way you want it. With custom home builds, you can:

Also, if you happen to want a custom home but aren’t sure yet of the specifics, we’ll be glad to advise you and help you decide. Whether it’s picking the roof type to be installed or deciding how many rooms to have, we’ll provide you with all the information and assistance you need to put together the best home for you and your family.

Talk to us today here at Ozzy’s Golden Construction and let us start building you a home tailored to meet all your requirements. Whatever you imagine your dream home to be, our experienced team can draft it, plan it, and make it a reality.

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