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Unless your house was customized and built from scratch for you, chances are you’ll want to change it after some time. Home additions let you add rooms and create extra living space in and out of your home, without tearing down much of the existing structure. 

They’re the perfect option for growing families who would require additional rooms for the little ones, and for those people who’d love a dedicated space for their interests and hobbies, like a soundproof game room or a bright sun room ideal for painting or indoor gardening.

Moreover, home additions can open up a small space. If you have unused or closed-off spaces, you can transform them and give them real purpose, be it as an extra storage room or a small playroom. When expertly done, home additions can also

Home Additions Inspired by You

No matter the kind of space you want added to your home, Ozzy’s Golden Construction can realize it for you. We’ve been serving South East Florida with quality home additions for 25 years, so best believe that we can build anything and everything you’d like to have for your home. We can even bring outdoor living inside!
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With thorough attention to detail and careful consideration of what exactly you require, we’ll expand and elevate your home’s existing space. No space? Leave that to us. 

South East Florida’s Chosen Builder for Quality Home Additions

Ozzy’s Golden Construction has decades of experience handling home additions across the state, making us one of the most reputable and trusted builders in South East Florida. We take our clients’ wishes seriously and strive to deliver results that exceed expectations. If you aren’t sure yet of the look and feel of the space you want added, you can also count on us to advise you on the latest trends and present you with options that won’t only flow well with your home’s overall theme but will also help you stay within your budget.

Moreover, if you choose us for your home addition needs, we’ll involve you in every stage of the construction process, but you can also entrust us with the entire project should you want to.

Why trust Ozzy’s for home additions?

Whether you want an extra guest room or an outdoor living space where you can comfortably entertain family and friends, Ozzy’s Golden Construction can help you realize your goals. Tell us what you want for your home, and let our team of expert designers and builders start the work of transforming your property into a sanctuary you’ll truly love coming home to.

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